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Company's Founding and History

TCR is a family-owned and operated company built upon the 36 years of craftsmanship and hands-on experience of, Pietro Ruta. When he brought the knowledge and skill that he learned in his native Sicily, Italy to the United States in 1986, he became one of the premier stucco artisans in the New York area to work at the design and installation of EIFS stucco.

By tradition, in Italy, stucco is an art passed down from generation to generation. For Mr. Ruta, his proudest moment came 9 years ago, when he brought his youngest son, Tino, into the family business and taught him the “ART” of stucco. Mr. Ruta made sure that Tino understood that “Before you become a general, you have to be a soldier," and took painstaking efforts to school Tino in his craft, from the bottom up. 

Tino has since taken over the business and has expanded it to include interior and exterior construction, and landscaping. 


"An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest."


-Benjamin Franklin

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